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School Choice Permit

School Choice Permit

Those who wish to attend a school other than their resident boundary school may file for a request for a School Choice Permit at the school they desire to attend.

  • December (early enrollment) - Permit will be considered by category, priority and/or lottery.
  • January 1st to the 3rd Friday in February - Permits will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • After the 3rd Friday in February - Permits requests will be considered based on staffing ratios.

Once a permit is granted, there is no need to "re-apply" each year, unless the following occurs: The student graduates, the student is no longer a Utah resident, the student is expelled or suspended, or the District determines that enrollment has exceeded the allowed threshold for the school (at which time those affected would be notified).

To Apply for a 2022-23 School Choice Permit (next school year) click the link below.