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School Community Council

School Community Council (SCC) is comprised of parents, school employees, and the principal. SCC meeting dates are posted for the entire year on the Columbia website and the school community bulletin board. SCC meeting agendas are posted 10 days before the date of each meeting on the website and the school community bulletin board. SCC meeting minutes are posted as they are approved.  Parents and community members are invited to attend School Community Council meetings.

SCC meetings conduct business and discuss items related to reviewing testing results and other data to determine student achievement and student needs, developing, approving, and assisting in implementing a school improvement plan (CSIP), creating and submitting online School Land Trust plan, an academic subset of the (CSIP), assisting in the development of a professional development plan, creating a reading achievement plan, submitting required reports to local school board for approval, appointing subcommittees or task forces as needed, and advising school and local administration on local and district issues.  Patrons are invited to contact any SCC member with recognition, ideas on how to improve student achievement, and concerns.

Land Trust
To review the current Land Trust Plan for Columbia Elementary, please click on the following link:
School Community Council Meeting Dates:

Tuesday, November 27
Monday, February 5
Tuesday, March 8
May 20

All meetings will be held at 4:00pm

Approved Minutes:

February, 2023 Minutes

November, 2023 Minutes

October 2023 Minutes

September, 2021 Minutes

October, 2020 Minutes

September, 2020 minutes


November 27, 2023 Agenda

Council Members Contact Information Member Type
Tiffany Southworth-Chair Parent
Zach Ferrin-Co Chair Parent
Julia Merrick Parent
Thalia Almazon Parent
Abbey Knight Teacher
Keith Klein Principal

School Community Council Rules and Order of Procedure