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Photo of Katie Crandall Katie Crandall Assistant Principal
Photo of Abe Yospe Abe Yospe Principal


Photo of Monica Fowles Monica Fowles Head Secretary
Photo of Lynette Jenkins Lynette Jenkins Office Assistant
Mindi Jeppson Office Assistant
Photo of Barry Watkins Barry Watkins #1 Custodian


Photo of Megan Burnett Megan Burnett Kindergarten Teacher
Photo of Makayla Christensen Makayla Christensen Kindergarten Teacher
Photo of Jan Jarrett Jan Jarrett Kindergarten Teacher
Kristen Miles Kindergarten Teacher

1st Grade

Photo of Sabrina Drake Sabrina Drake 1st Grade Teacher
Photo of Heather Larsen Heather Larsen 1st Grade Teacher
Angela Stephens 1st Grade Teacher
Dawn Torres 1st Grade Teacher

2nd Grade

Photo of Michelle Brigman Michelle Brigman 2nd Grade Teacher
Mandy Gomez 2nd Grade Teacher
Photo of Tiffany Jessop Tiffany Jessop 2nd Grade Teacher
Photo of Abbey Knight Abbey Knight 2nd Grade Teacher

3rd Grade

Photo of Sarah Chugg Sarah Chugg 3rd Grade Teacher
Photo of Michelle Collings Michelle Collings 3rd Grade Teacher
Photo of Angela Drope Angela Drope 3rd Grade Teacher
Dana McDonald 3rd Grade Teacher

4th Grade

Photo of Kymberli Cosner Kymberli Cosner 4th Grade Teacher
Photo of Tammy Struthers Tammy Struthers 4th Grade Teacher
Photo of Amanda Torgeson Amanda Torgeson 4th Grade Teacher
Photo of Jessica Wahlberg Jessica Wahlberg 4th Grade Teacher

5th Grade

Photo of Cynthnia Alvarado Cynthnia Alvarado 5th Grade Teacher
Photo of Emily Boulton Emily Boulton 5th Grade Teacher
Jessica Dilley 5th Grade Teacher
Photo of Jodi Petersen Jodi Petersen 5th Grade Teacher

6th Grade

Photo of Jennica Butterfield Jennica Butterfield 6th Grade Teacher
Photo of Teri Gomez Teri Gomez 6th Grade Teacher
Photo of Kathryn Shurtleff Kathryn Shurtleff 6th Grade Teacher
Photo of Thomas Walton Thomas Walton 6th Grade Teacher


Photo of Jennifer Adams Jennifer Adams Mommy & Me Preschool
Photo of Lisa Anderson Lisa Anderson Preschool Speech Teacher
Rachel Hirschi Preschool Teacher


Bob Ruff Lunch Clerk
Photo of Ann Trjuillo Ann Trjuillo Cafeteria Manager

Instructional Coaches

Photo of Melinda Carpenter Melinda Carpenter Instructional Coach
Sandy King Instructional Coach


Photo of Amanda Hehr Amanda Hehr Nurse


Melody Bryner Resource Teacher
Melissa Gutierrez Social Worker
Photo of Stacey Mitchell Stacey Mitchell Resource Teacher
Mindi Reimann Speech Pathologist
Emma Yavel Psychologist


Justin Boswell Specialist
Meghan Dorenbosch Specialist
Photo of Cara Hagman Cara Hagman Science Teacher
Photo of Jennifer Turner Jennifer Turner RtI Teacher