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Principal Kathe Riding
Head Secretary Trina Childs
Kindergarten Jayme Smith
Kindergarten Melanie Smith
Vanessa Palmer
Sheryl Miller
First Grade Cassandra Lee
First Grade Melinda Carpenter
First Grade Tammy Struthers
First Grade Susan Locke
Second Grade Kristen Frohlich
Second Grade Jenny Weeing
Second Grade Kelsey Western
Second Grade Michelle Brigman
Third Grade Teri Gomez
Third Grade Jennifer Turner
Third Grade Raina Lingmann
Third Grade Meghan Dorenbosch
Fourth Grade Melinda Flint
Fourth Grade Courtney Hurst
Fourth Grade Aubree Nash
Fourth Grade Alicia Player
Fifth Grade Kelsey Harris
Fifth Grade Meredith Llewellyn
Fifth Grade Kristin Whiting
Fifth Grade Jodi Petersen
Sixth Grade Jennica Bodenhofer
Sixth Grade LaNelle Peterson
Sixth Grade Kimberly Howard
Sixth Grade Thomas Walton
Science Enrichment Cara Hagman
Teacher Specialist Suzette Johnson
Teacher Specialist Gerri Hixenbaugh
Teacher Specialist Angela Drope
Teacher Specialist Taryn Cox
RtI Inverventionist Stacey Leavitt
School Psychchologist Stephanie Hengen
Resource Jordan Berry
Resource Katlyn Jarvis
Speech Irene Karren
Art Karen Foote
Preschool Jan Jarrett
Preschool Emily Cavanaugh
Preschool Speech Lisa Anderson
Parent and Preschooler Jen Adams
Lunch rooom Manager Ann Trujillo
Computer Lab Specialist Michelle Collings