Title I Benefits

Columbia Elementary Benefits of Title 1

Because we are a Title 1 funded school, we receive many extra benefits to assist student learning. The benefits include:

  1. Four Sessions of Full day Kindergarten and one half-day class. Each class has two aides in each kindergarten classroom.
  2. Provide a fruit or a vegetable snack on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Gives the students and opportunity to try something new and help educate them about healthy eating.
  3. Classroom Assistants who help students with interventions
  4. Parenting Classes
  5. Parent and Preschooler program
  6. Teachers received additional technology (iPads)
  7. Computer programs to help students develop their reading and math skills.
  8. 5 computers in every K-2 classroom available for student use
  9. A chrome book for every student in 3-6th grade and an iPad cart for grades K-3 and Resource to share.
  10. Smartboards in every classroom
  11. Reading and Math specialists to help teachers with curriculum and a Culture/Climate Specialist.
  12. We believe in investing in the teacher, which is investing in the students. Extra professional development for teachers.
  13. Family Learning Center with provides computer, English, GED, and life skills for adults. The family learning center helps our teachers by volunteering their time on Tuesdays and Thursdays to work on projects for teachers.  Additionally, there are books for preschoolers.
  14. Family nights
  15. District specialists – David Johansen – technology. Ardy Vallet– Title 1 funded Teacher Specialist
  16. Additional office assistances
  17. Providing a designated time and date for teachers to participate in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). Teachers have time three  days a week for a total of 90 minutes to meet, as a team, to review student data, curriculum development and collaborate with specialists.
  18. Partially funded School Psychologist.


    An additional benefit of Columbia that is not associated with Title 1 Funding

    • We are on the cutting edge with writing and receiving grants from community partners and the district.