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General Information & Code of Conduct

At Columbia, we believe that a focus on helping students identify and utilize their own leadership abilities helps them function well at school and in other aspects of their life. Students are given opportunities to hold leadership roles as Junior Coaches as role models on the conflict resolution and safe play, Safety Patrol Leaders to ensure safety before and after school, Helping Hands Leaders to stop bullying and build friendships, and Student Council to build a culture of inclusiveness and service. In each classroom, students are given the opportunity to help with responsibilities.

At Columbia, we believe that positive student recognition is the best motivator and way to instill outstanding social skills.  Below are a few of the ways we recognize students for making positive leadership choices.

School Wide Rules

  1. Follow directions the first time


  1. Be in the right place at the right time


  1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to myself


If a student does have a minor problem with another student, he or she is encouraged to use STOP, WALK, and TALK first.

If STOP, WALK, and TALK was not effective of a student has a major problem, the student is encouraged to talk to an adult immediately.  Adults are trained to listen and act quickly on information to make sure all students feel safe and are safe.

Parents are encouraged to contact teachers and/or administration, if they feel there is a possible problem that needs to be brought to our attention. If there is a problem that needs to be resolved, the teachers and administration make every effort to contact parents in a timely manner.  Conflict resolution and building healthy, safe relationships are our goals.

School Wide Rewards


Columbia adheres to and follows Jordan District policy.  Listed below are some of the major policies that every parent is advised to understand.

AS67 - Discipline of Students 

AA419 - Student Conduct and Dress Code

DA170 - School Bus Discipline

AS98 - Bullying and Cyberbullying

AA432 - Student Attendance and Teacher Disclosure Statements